Sustainability and responsibility in the field of renewable energies play an important role within the Brüning Group and are a fundamental element of our business philosophy. We are therefore pleased to announce that our subsidiaries Brüning Groupe France SAS, Brüning Group Polska Sp. z o.o. and Brüning Group Česko s.r.o. have successfully completed certification in accordance with the Sustainable Resources Verification Scheme (SURE) and are thus following Brüning Group Germany GmbH in applying this EU-wide recognised system.

France, Poland and the Czech Republic are three important biomass markets for the Brüning Group, whose energy production from biomass is largely subject to the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), which aims to monitor the use of sustainable biomass in large power plants in the EU. As the partially delayed national transition periods finally expired at the beginning of the year, direct implementation of the RED II Directive is essential. As part of our internationalisation strategy, understanding and complying with national and EU-wide regulations is also a key component.

In this context, SURE, as one of the certification systems recognised by the EU Commission, represents an important proof of compliance with the RED II requirements. As a leading purchaser and supplier of solid biomass for biomass CHP plants, our primary goal is to offer long-term and legally compliant service solutions. The fulfilment of supplier and, above all, customer requirements is our main focus. The certification of our subsidiaries according to SURE enables us to continuously offer our business partners RED II-compliant fuels and to ensure permanent conformity with EU directives.

We remain committed to contributing to a more sustainable future and working with our business partners to develop innovative solutions and advance our sustainability goals.