Natural substance with potential

Biochar is produced by pyrolytic carbonisation of plant source materials and it can have a positive influence on soil life. More than 2000 years ago, indigenous peoples in South America already used the promising properties of this natural substance and its effects on soil quality.

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Due to its porous nature, it permanently improves the water retention capacity of the soil. In addition, due to its surface texture, nutrients and trace elements can be stored longer and the leaching of nutrients is reduced. This makes them available to the soil flora and plants for longer.

When applied correctly, it can lead to an increase in soil activity, which improves the build-up of soil humus.

Areas of application

  • for mixing with fertilisers, compost, manure
  • as an additive in biogas plants
  • as an additive in stable bedding
  • in organic farming according to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2164


In cascade use, the advantages of biochar can already be used in the stable: Biochar can reduce odour and fly pressure by spreading it in the barn. In the barn, the nutrients (excreted by the animals) come into direct contact with the biochar and it is thus “activated”, which results in an improvement of the manure and thus also creates a high-quality fertiliser for the soil.