Bark mulch

Only the best for the soil

Bark mulch is a soil conditioner made from untreated, shredded bark and is used to cover the soil to keep away plants. A layer about 5-10 cm thick already protects the soil from drying out and prevents weed growth.

Bark mulch is produced from various coniferous tree species (pine, spruce or stone pine) and is available in different grain sizes.



Bark mulch can be perfectly used on beds for covering. This inhibits the growth of weeds and at the same time provides a visual benefit to the garden.



Bark mulch creates another climate in the soil that is ideal for micro-organisms and small creatures, making the garden soil even more fertile.

Bed cover



Covering planted areas with bark mulch ensures long-term fertilisation of the soil, because during slow decomposition of the bark valuable humus comes into being. Humus contains nutrients for a healthy plant growth and improves the soil structure and thus, serves as complete fertilizer.



Purely from a design point of view, bark mulch has a nice effect and is therefore ideal to design natural gardens and outside grounds.



Covering with bark mulch creates a warm, moist climate that protects the beds from drying out too quickly in summer and from severe cold in winter. This makes bark mulch a true all-rounder when it comes to protecting the garden soil and a must for natural outdoor design.

Quality certificate


At our site in Mölln, we produce RAL-certified bark mulch, which thus meets the quality standards of the RAL Quality Assurance of Substrates for Plants. 

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Bark mulch

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