Waste wood

Optimum cascade use

We guarantee reliable acceptance and delivery of waste wood, because for us this raw material is more than just a waste product to be disposed. By processing waste wood, it becomes a valuable secondary raw material that can be used either as a material or as an energy source, depending on its quality.

We use the material for thermal recycling by delivering it throughout Germany and Europe to our partners who run waste wood recycling plants. In the heating and power plants, there is generated power and heat after all.

However, in the sense of a cascading use system and an increasing scarcity of raw materials, we try to use the waste wood for material recycling in the first step. The used wood, for example, represents an important wood material for the production of chipboard. Only when the material can no longer be used in the wood-based materials industry for technical, economic or legal reasons we will transport it to the power plants.