Straw pellets

Simply yielding


The raw material for the production of the pellets is dry and mould-free straw. This is crushed into fine flour and then pressed into pellet form applying heat and pressure. Easy handling, low dust generation, little manure – these are just three of the reasons that make our bedding pellets so popular.

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Our straw pellets are a purely natural product. Heating in the manufacturing process ensures that the bedding is sterile. We deliberately avoid artificial additives. Therefore, the straw pellets safe for humans and animals, especially in case of allergies. The material is very absorbent due to its dryness and enormous compaction and also neutralises annoying odours. Low dust formation has a positive effect on the overall stable climate. It has a much better absorption capacity than, for example, straw or chips. Thanks to this good yield, straw pellets are more cost-effective in the long term than other bedding products. In addition, the amount of work required for mucking out is reduced and disposal is easier; the manure is completely composted within approximately 8 weeks.


Straw pellets are particularly convincing in the stable as horse bedding due to their outstanding properties. Especially straw pellets, which are crushed step by step by horses in the box, have a positive effect on their hoof health. The increased stepping and lying comfort also promotes the health of small creatures. The soft substrate reduces the risk of slipping for the chickens and thanks to the enormous suction power it stays constantly dry.