Small combustion plant

Attractive for the future

More and more companies are striving for independence from the energy market. One solution for heating offices and larger halls is a small combustion plant. Biogenic solid fuels are often used here for energy generation, e.g. wood in the form of wood chips or pressed wood pellets. We specify the best possible quality for our customers (m/f/d).

True to the slogan “Your heating system must run trouble-free”, we match the appropriate wood fuel to the specific needs of your heating system and find out about the delivery options at your site. In this way, we set up a reliable and safe fuel supply in the heating season from October to April.

Premium wood chips for small combustion plants up to 1.5 megawatts ensure the smooth operation of your woodchip heating installation. We supply small plants and biomass CHP plants with forest and sawmill chips as well as recycled wood chips from category A 1 waste wood.

We are the first German trading company to carry the ENplus certificate from the German Pellet Institute and offer wood chips of quality classes ENplus -A1 in particle sizes P31S and P45S. Our wood chips are available all year round with a constant quality (G30/50, W20), so that we can guarantee a reliable heat supply for your company or your house at all times!

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