Chips and shavings

Untreated and natural


Our chips and shavings are a purely natural product. Thanks to our network of regional sawmills, we can deliver within a few days.


The untreated softwood chips and shavings are free of chemical additives, dry and soft.

Chips and shavings convince by simple application. As bedding in the stable, they offer excellent absorbency and additionally bind odours. They are extremely low in dust, so that an optimal stable climate is ensured. In addition, wood chips and shavings provide for a high spreading volume. They are economical, environmentally friendly in their application and establish hygiene in the stable.


Poultry feels very comfortable on a soft substrate of wood chips and shavings. Especially for chicks, the wood chips and shavings with their good resilience offer decisive comfort. At the same time, this type of bedding facilitates the animals to paw.

Horses also like to stand on wood chips and shavings. Ligaments and joints are protected by the high elasticity of the floor covering. In addition, the chips and shavings are so soft and resilient that they do not break under the weight of the animal.