Sunny prospects for the stable


This bedding is a natural raw material consisting of 100 % specially produced sunflower husks.

The material is compressed and sanitised under high temperature, it is available as pellets and coarsely ground as granules – loose, in big bags or as bagged goods.


The water absorption capacity of sunflower husks is particularly high due to a special treatment process. According to studies, the absorbency is many times higher than that of sawdust or straw. However, the husks also have a good water release capacity, i.e. the bedding dries again quickly.

As a result, a very good stable climate can be achieved with this product by optimally binding odours and humidity. It improves the health of the animals’ foot pads. Another advantage is the easy storage and convenient transport.


Sunflower husk bedding is suitable for turkey and chicken husbandry, but also for cattle and horse husbandry. It is suitable for animals of all ages and is a cost-effective bedding alternative.

Furthermore, the material is excellently suited as a raw material in biogas plants without pre-shredding and with a high gas yield. In addition, it can be used as a readily usable fertiliser in agriculture.