Straw granulate

For a healthy stable climate


The raw material for straw granulate is dry, shredded, mould-free straw. This is crushed into fine flour, pressed into pellet form applying heat and pressure, and crushed in the final step to produce granules.

Because of the high demand, we have specialised in straw granulate. In-house machines for granulate preparation enable us to produce different grain sizes. As a customer, you decide which granulate is best for your animals. Depending on your requirements, we produce granulate with a grain size between 0.5 and 6 mm. Simply contact us.


Our straw granulate consists of 100% straw and is a purely natural product. We avoid artificial additives. The strong heating during production successfully kills germs.

Straw granulate neutralises annoying odours and is very absorbent. Dust is also not an issue, as our granules are screened before shipment. These properties have a positive effect on the overall stable climate, so that you increase your profitability in the long term. Straw granulate has a significantly better absorption capacity than, for example, straw or chips and, thanks to this good yield, is more cost-effective in the long run. The less work involved in mucking out and the easier disposal are an additional plus.


Straw granulate is the perfect bedding for the poultry house. It is loose and the animals can paw optimally. In addition, the material is good for the balls of the feet.

It offers lying comfort as well as hygiene and increases cleanliness in the stable. In addition, the granulate insulates heat. The dry, soft and elastic surface is especially easy on the joints of horses.

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