Paper industry

Industrial sector with a long tradition

Even in the age of tablets and mobile phones, it is impossible to imagine life without paper. What many people do not know is that paper is made from fibrous materials which today are mainly obtained from the raw material wood, including, for example, mechanical wood pulp and waste paper fibre. These then serve as fibre raw materials in paper production, which the properties of the paper product are later result from. 

The process of paper production with wood as the basic raw material is divided into two steps. First, wood is converted into pulp using chemical or mechanical treatment, which is then further processed into paper. 

If waste paper is used as fibre for paper production, it is also treated by means of chemical or mechanical processes.

We are your competent partner in the field of wood and waste paper for paper production. We supply wood chips from industrial wood  in the required quality or the required type of waste paper.