Nothing could be more natural


Forest floor bedding usually consists of a mixture of coniferous and hardwood chips with bark and compost components.



The bedding is highly absorbent and low in dust. Its composting ability destroys the ammonia chains in urine and thus neutralises odours in the stable. The big plus: Pleasant smell of the forest as well as a healthy and balanced stable climate.

Forest floor bedding is optimal for horses, for example. The so-called “mattress formation” invites to lie down, which increases sleep quality and performance in training. The loose ground is solid, yet soft and elastic. It offers optimal ground pressure and the arch of the sole can form better because the hoof is stabilised.

Further advantages are the protection of the entire musculoskeletal system and the respiratory tract as well as a cooling effect in summer and a warming effect in winter.

The mixture is also very durable, i.e. significantly less manure compared to bedding products such as straw, less work and less storage space required.


The bedding is ideal for horses. Especially older and young horses benefit from this product. On the one hand, the elastic properties relieve the joints of older horses, and on the other hand, young horses are provided with sufficient stability when standing up. But also older horses that have trouble standing up are offered enough support.

Of course, the product is also suitable for chickens, cows and sheep.

As the bedding is very fine, it can fall out of the hoof completely and does not get stuck. Therefore, it is highly recommended especially for animals at risk of laminitis.

The bedding should be about 15-20 cm thick. The advantage is that it can be easily mucked out again without losing much material. The accumulated manure can then be used as a high-quality biofertiliser.

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