Waste paper

Recycling sheet by sheet

Paper was invented around 2000 years ago. Today, the importance of paper has changed a great deal due to complex high-tech machinery. The paper industry produces a large-range of papers. Packaging paper, graphic papers, hygienic paper and special papers are distinguished.

In total, around 3000 different types of paper are produced in Germany and therefore there are also around 3000 different types of waste paper. Germany is one of the leaders in paper recycling, which makes us a role model for the conservation of resources and the environment.

Low-grade types

Valuable waste paper


1.01 B10 Collected waste

1.02 B12 Mixed paper

1.03 B42/H12 Grey chipboard

1.04 B19 Shopping-center waste paper

1.05.00 OCC 90/10 – Super shopping center

1.06 Magazines with and without adhesive back

1.09 Newspapers / magazines

1.11 D39 Deinking

Medium grade types

Every sheet counts


2.01 E12 Newspapers 

2.03 Magazine paper chips

2.03 O14 Wood-containing chips

2.05 J11 Coloured-paper files

2.06 J19 Clear-coloured paper files


2.07 Wood-containing book prints

2.08 Coloured magazines

Printing waste

higher-grade types

The good old paper


Q14 hfr. White chips with light print

3.05 K22 Wood-free white-paper files

3.08 Sulphate board, printed

3.09 Sulphate board with light print

3.10 K02 Multiprint

3.11 CEK with heavy print

3.12 CEK with light print

3.13. CEK white

3.14.  P22 Newspaper rotation

3.15 P22/P23 Mixed rotation

3.15  P23 Magazine rotation

3.16 S12 Wood-free white painted

3.18 R12 Wood-free not painted

3.19 Sulphate board, white, not printed

Kraft-containing types

Waste paper with power


4.01 W41 Corrugated cardboard production

4.02  W62 tobacco board / fruitboxes, corrugation 1

4.03 W52 Used Kraft corrugated cardboard 2

Kraft paper bag, used or not used

Kraft papers

Beverage carton packaging / tetrapack


5.09 NCR carbon paper

Special types

Coloured sheets


Roll goods of all kind

Pallet goods, for ex. Catalogues, leaflets, flyers

Special papers


& facts

The total production of new paper in Germany amounts to 22,073 million metric tons in 2019

split as follows:

appr. 55 % Paper/cardboard/paperboard (brown)
appr. 32 % Grahic papers
appr. 7 % Hygienic papers
appr.  6 % Paper and cardboard for technical/special applications

Raw material consumption in 2019

appr. 66 % waste paper
appr. 16 % pulp
appr. 14 % Minerals and additive (additives)
appr. 4 % Mechanical wood pulp