Spruce / pine

Functional and decorative

Whether bark mulch made of pine or spruce – both are convincing due to their inherent properties. 

Spruce bark

The promising alterantive

Bark mulch made from spruce bark is a cost-effective and decorative alternative to pine bark. It adorns bed areas, enlivening the ground structure.

Spruce bark has a fibrous structure. Furthermore, it is darker and thinner than pine bark. The pH-value of spruce bark is in the slightly acidic to neutral range. For the majority of plants, this pH value is advantageous because the required nutrients are freely available in the soil.

Bark mulch made from pine bark is convincing due to its good quality and durability – however, not only from an ecological point of view, but also visually due to its reddish-brown colouring, especially good in contrast to green foliage or lighter-coloured ground coverings. Depending on the grain size, pine mulch can be used as a large-area cover in public areas or for the design of small beds. 

Due to the high resin content and the barky texture, pine bark is very weather-resistant and water-repellent. Nevertheless, the mulch layer is exposed to a natural decomposition process, rotting away in varying speed depending on the relevant thickness of the layer cover. Topping up or replacing the material must therefore take place individually and in a needs-oriented way.


Noble and resistant

Lech bark

Pure spruce bark from the south

In the Munich area, we offer a product made of 100 % spruce from the region, the so-called Lech bark. It has the same qualitative properties as pine bark and is available both as raw bark and as bark mulch.