Tailored Waste

or customised waste

One problem with which power plant operators are confronted is the ever-changing requirements of the Commercial Waste Ordinance and the development of the waste market. We have therefore developed a customised product for sustainable waste recycling.

With Brüning Tailored Waste, we provide operators of incineration plants with the opportunity to influence the composition of the fuel and the parameters that are important to them.

A number of changes have significantly altered the composition of commercial waste, e.g. more intensive sorting of waste in relation to the new Commercial Waste Ordinance. This composition results in too high a calorific value. This leads to lower consumption or throughput and thus reduces the total amount of waste that can be utilised by thermal plants.

This results in a clear economic loss, as the power plants are paid for burning and do not have to pay for their fuel like conventional power plants. In addition, the high calorific values lead to higher wear in the incineration plants, as they were not designed for this calorific value; frequent shutdowns due to damage are the consequence.