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to the last metre

What constitutes perfect logistics is to have the right goods at the right time at the right place, in the right quality, in the right quantity and at the right price. As part of a group of companies, specialising for years in Germany- and European-wide transports and logistics, we do know what is important to our customers and cooperation partners.

As we handle energy-supplying raw materials on a daily basis, we specialise in utilizing walking floor trucks as a bulk material forwarder. Of course, we also forward most other types of freight for you.

Quality, safety, transparency and trust, together with our stable prices, many years of experience and optimised work processes, form the foundation for a good working relationship. We pursue the following mission:

“We make our customers carefree”.


Transportation means

Moving floor, container tipper or side loader


Transport goods

Poured, not stirred...

We understand each other

in throughout Europe

Thanks to modern systems, it is hardly necessary today for drivers (m/f/d) to have direct contact with people on the premises. Through precise briefings, all necessary steps are prepared digitally for our drivers (m/f/d) – well structured and understandable for all, if necessary in the respective national language. This enables us to deliver not only the best material, but also the best service.