Fine Sawdust

Hygienic and odour-neutral


Whoever orders our fine sawdust receives a pure natural product, which we produce mainly from coniferous wood.


Fine sawdust helps preventing germ formation and is more hygienic than straw, for example. Fine sawdust has the ability to neutralise odours almost completely. Another advantage is the increasing cleanliness in the stable. Because, if you use the appropriate bedding, there will be less dust in the stable. It also offers very easy handling.

Summary: The comfort is not the only condition of the animals that gets decisively improved by the use of sawdust, since hygiene in the stable is improved, too. The extremely absorbent product is natural, very kind to the skin and thus also promotes the health of the animals, while at the same time increases the tread and resting comfort.


Thanks to fine sawdust, the animals are provided with an elastic, soft floor covering, which relieves the cows’ joints. At the same time, the bedding product insulates heat. The increased lying comfort has the welcome effect that the cows feel more comfortable in their boxes, which increases milk production.