Waste wood A II

Coated, painted or lacquered


Coated, painted or lacquered woods as well as used furniture without PVC adhesions fall under the waste wood category A II. Furthermore, the materials must be free from organic halogen compounds and wood preservatives.


All processed woods, wood-based materials and furniture and kitchen furniture produced from them are assigned to waste wood category A II. These can be, for example, floorboards, door leaves and frames from the interior, ceiling panels and treated boards or chips. Uncoated or coated chipboards as well as plywood also end up in the storage yard for A II wood at the recycling facilities.


Category II waste wood can be recycled if the chemical parameters of the Waste Wood Ordinance for the production of wood-based materials are met. This procedure is directly related to clean preparation and good separation of the material. If this is not the case, the material must be disposed thermally in waste wood power plants.