We are pleased to announce that the Brüning Group has implemented a Code of Conduct (CoC) that emphasises our commitment to integrity, responsibility and ethics in all aspects of our business. This Code of Conduct is intended to serve as a basic guide for behaviour and decision-making within our company and to provide clear guidelines for dealing with a wide range of stakeholders.

We have developed this CoC based on feedback from our customers and suppliers from various areas in order to specifically address frequently asked questions and concerns. The drafting was largely inspired by the information and structures already in place within the Brüning Group and is based on best practices and standards that we have long maintained. This will enable us to provide a comprehensive document that addresses the questions and concerns of our business partners in advance, clearly defines our own business standards and serves as a reference point for joint business relationships.

Our Commitment and the Positive Benefits of the Code of Conduct

As the Brüning Group, we consider dealing with values and, above all, with people to be a central pillar of our success. The Code of Conduct is now a symbol of our commitment to acting ethically and stands for the obligation to uphold fair and transparent practices, promote equal opportunities, strengthen environmental awareness and maintain the highest standards in all company activities.

The introduction of the Code of Conduct is also intended to promote a common understanding and create trust and credibility among our employees and all those who have business relations with us. It is also intended to minimise risks, protect the company’s reputation and ultimately strengthen our long-term sustainability and stability.

Our Promise for the Future

The implementation of the Code of Conduct marks a milestone in our ongoing endeavours to promote a culture of openness, reliability and respect. We are determined to further strengthen our values and contribute to a responsible and sustainable (business) world in which all stakeholders benefit. Together as a company, we will continue to strive for excellence while upholding ethical standards.

We will also ensure that our business partners are obliged to comply with our rules on the basis of our contracts and general terms and conditions. By taking this proactive step, we are building our working relationships on a foundation of integrity, transparency and mutual trust, strengthening collaboration and promoting a unified focus on common goals.

Please find our Code of Conduct here, which you are encouraged to read and familiarise yourself with. >>