Soil conditioners & mulches

Organic and natural

We deliver products such as green waste compost, bark humus and peat as well as bark mulch directly to the field for further processing or to your storage site all year round. For agriculture and gardening, the organic PRODUCTS such as bark humus and compost as well as the pure natural product peat or peat substitutes such as wood fibre, wood lint and coconut products are valuable soil conditioners.

Bark humus


Valuable additive for earths and substrates

Bark humus  >>

Exclusively consists of plant waste of landscape, garden and park conservation.

Compost  >>


Precious waste



Substrate additives & peat substitutes

It is the mix that makes it

A purely natural product

Peat  >>



Substitute with similar characteristics to peat

Substrate aggregates & peat substitutes  >>

Soil conditioner made from untreated chopped bark

Bark mulch  >>

Bark mulch

Protects the soil