Chopped straw

Absorbent and odour binding


We produce our chopped straw from the raw materials such as barley, rape, rye and wheat. The stalk lengths vary between 1 and 5 cm, depending on requirements. Our Straw meal extra fine has a grain size of 0.2 to 0.5 cm.


Chopped straw, used for bedding, has a higher absorbency than whole straws. In addition, it binds odours. Our material is dust-free, can be quickly bedded and easily spread in the stable. Thanks to the delivery in bags, it can be stored well.


Chopped straw is particularly suitable for high and low boxes as well as for boxes lined with rubber mats. The additional lying comfort provided by the straw can increase milk production. We recommend re-spreading the material on a weekly basis and replacing it if necessary. We offer a low-iron chopped straw especially for calves.