Spelt husk pellet

Bedded on primal crop


This is an agricultural product made from natural spelt straw (husks). Spelt grain is harvested together with the husks and only when the grain is extracted, the husk gets separated. This is done in a special grinding process. The husks are pressed into pellets applying pressure and heat, but without any additives.


Spelt husk pellets are a 100% natural raw material and biodegradable. After about 2-3 months, they have rotted into a high-quality fertiliser. They provide very good absorbency and odour retention. Another plus point is their frugality in consumption.


The very good bedding properties and high absorbency, but especially the positive influence on foot pad health and the stimulation of pawing behaviour are prompting innovative farmers to use spelt husk pellets as bedding for their poultry.

The plus in the horse stable: The horse droppings are very easy to separate from the bedding – good material remains in the box, wet spots darken and are easy to remove.