Energy efficiency in its best form

Anyone who wants to heat sustainably and with the highest energy efficiency is on the right track with pellets. Pellets are made of wood, the only fuel that can be described as CO2-neutral, as it only releases as much carbon dioxide into the environment during the combustion process as was previously bound in the growth process. Thus, the environmentally friendly fuel in small stick form gets increasingly popular.

They are dry, which ensures good and clean combustion. The calorific value of pellets is approx. 4.8 kWh/kg related to a moisture content of 8 %. The current pellet standards in Germany regulate, among other details, the maximum ash content. According to ENplus, the ash content of pellets in class A1 may be max. 0.7 % and in class A2 max. 1.5 %. For DINplus, the ash content amounts to max. 0.5 %.

An additional incentive for the energy source called wood pellets: Since January 2020, the replacement of old oil heating systems with new, more efficient and climate-friendly ones has been subsidised with the replacement premium for oil heating systems – a further step in the direction of energy transition. In the long run, this does not only protect the environment, heating with wood fuels such as pellets is also cost-effective and stable in price over the long term.