Transportation means

Walking floor trucks, containers, side loaders

The four largest truck manufacturers supply us with their vehicles. So there is something for every driver (m/f/d). And one thing unites these behemoths: They are full of technology that not only provides a great deal of safety, but also makes work easier and benefits the customers. Whether walking floor truck or roll-off container, we are equipped for all transport jobs.

Our walking floor trailers are versatile and are suitable for transporting loose and light goods through to voluminous palletised goods, with a load volume of up to 95 cubic metres. Thanks to the innovative technology, transport and unloading are decisively simplified and considerably more comfortable.

Our roll-off containers, constructed according to DIN 30722, can be transported with all designated vehicles due to their standardisation. The volume varies depending on the intended use, but they are particularly well suited for bulky and heavy loads.