De-icing salt

Getting through the winter safely

Spread like the professionals – our de-icing/road salt from Germany makes it possible. De-icing salt is used in adverse road conditions. It is used to de-ice slippery roads and paths to enhance road safety. Especially in the winter months, de-icing salt is in high demand. 

Thanks to secured direct sales, we can offer you de-icing salt of a high-quality standard (according to DIN EN 16811-1:2016 – formerly salt according to the German Technical Guidance for Gritting Agents) all year round.


We purchase the de-icing salt exclusively from German suppliers who offer salt in accordance with DIN EN 16811-1:2016.


The white and crystalline de-icing salt has the chemical property of lowering the melting point of ice or the freezing point of water to such an extent that the ice cover dissolves more quickly or does not form at all. Wherever roads and paths become slippery slopes – we have the solution in our assortment with de-icing salt, in the fight against icy roads in winter.

Quality & grain class

The offered grain size class M according to DIN EN 16811-1:2016 features a well-balanced ratio of fine and coarse parts, which ensures an optimal thawing effect. The coarser grains provide for better adhesion in a closed snow cover and ensure a lasting thaw effect. The finer fractions are particularly advantageous in icy conditions, as they spread better and thus the thawing effect sets in quickly.

Finer salt particles spread better and are recommended for icy conditions. Coarser grains are more likely to stick to the spot where you spread them – they remain longer and thus have a lasting thawing effect.