Soon the temperatures drop and freezing rain or the first snowflakes threaten to cover the roads with a dangerous layer of ice. That’s when de-icing salt comes into play – the most commonly used material to make winter road conditions safer. Due to its ability to quickly dissolve or prevent the formation of ice at an early stage, it has proven to be extremely effective.

Currently, salt stocks are still well filled, but when the onset of winter comes suddenly and the roads become slippery, spontaneous orders are often no longer possible. This usually leads to bottlenecks that make the supply of de-icing salt more difficult. It is therefore advisable to take precautions and have sufficient material in stock in good time.

We have high-quality de-icing salt from German production in our portfolio that complies with the current DIN EN 16811-1:2016 guidelines. The available grain size M is characterised by a balanced ratio of fine and coarse proportions to achieve an optimal effect. The coarser grains provide better adhesion in a closed snow cover, while the finer proportions are advantageous in icy conditions due to their better distribution and rapid thawing effect.

We will be pleased to provide you with an individual offer, taking into account the minimum purchase quantity. We offer the de-icing salt loose, in 25 kg bags and in big bags of 1,000 kg on Euro pallets. If you are interested, please contact us at any time or use the contact form.