In the field of fall protection, we supply cities, municipalities, day-care centres, kindergartens, schools, etc. with suitable material such as fall protection wood chips or bark. Now we can present a new product in this segment: Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection wood chips, certified in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 1177, which defines shock-absorbing playground surfaces from a fall height of 0.6 m and specifies strict quality requirements and test procedures for materials used in playgrounds. WONDERFALL fall protection wood chips therefore complement our product range, which also includes our WONDERFALL fall protection bark.

Our fall protection wood chips are therefore specially designed for use on playgrounds in accordance with DIN EN 1176 for playground equipment and playground surfaces. This standard guarantees that the materials used fulfil the highest quality standards and ensure the protection of children on playgrounds.

WONDERFALL fall protection wood chips have a grain size of 05 – 50 mm, ensuring optimal shock absorption and contributing to minimizing injuries in the event of falls. Made from untreated wood, they blend perfectly into the surroundings while providing a natural aesthetic to any playground. Being pure natural products, they are also more environmentally friendly compared to artificial surfaces.

We are proud to offer products that meet the highest safety standards while creating an appealing play environment.

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