In the first week of January, we received an enquiry from Denmark: a straw-fired power plant was faced with the challenge of procuring several thousand tonnes of straw. The Brüning Group proved to be a reliable partner and, thanks to its extensive network, was able to provide an initial test load within a very short time.

Further test loads followed. Over the subsequent weeks, our team worked intensively to determine the optimum means of transport for different bale sizes. In this process, both walking floor lorries and mega trailers were used to find the most efficient solution. The variety of test loads enabled us to determine precisely which means of transport was most suitable for which bale size.

At the same time, we have managed to procure further thousands of tonnes of straw that we could offer to the straw-fired power plant in Denmark. The quantity is distributed from Lower Saxony to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony, which demonstrates the reach and strength of our extensive network.

Nils Jäger, Purchasing and Sales in the field of Renewable Raw Materials, is delighted: “We are extremely pleased to have found a quick and effective solution in this challenging situation. Our expertise in the field of logistics and our close-knit network enabled us to respond flexibly to the power plant’s needs and contribute to a sustainable energy supply.”