Recently, Matthias Warnke, Director Waste Wood, and Roman Holzwart, Purchasing and Sales Waste Wood, visited our full supply customer in Emlichheim. This visit was initiated by us in order to actively participate in QM management. We appreciate this exceptionally good business relationship and the fact that we are always welcome in Emlichheim, allowing us to get involved in this way.

As part of the visit to the biomass cogeneration plant, around 30 trucks were accepted, inspected, assessed and samples taken together with the fuel attendant staff. This intensive inspection was part of our ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards and customer care. The samples taken were sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results are then analysed together with the power plant staff to ensure that our fuels meet the requirements of the power plant.

Despite the long-standing collaboration with Emlichheim, which has already lasted over 10 years, it is important to us as a company to create a common understanding of the qualities of our products. At the Brüning Group, we aim to work with our customers at eye level and hand in hand. This type of visit also gives us the opportunity to better understand the perspective and needs of our counterparts, in this case the fuel attendants, and at the same time provide them with detailed insights into the current situation on the waste wood market.

As a result, both sides gain a much better understanding of the other party’s current challenges and acquire valuable insights. This is particularly important, as waste wood is known to be a relatively inhomogeneous material that can change on a daily basis depending on the input material at the recycling companies.

We are convinced that this type of close collaboration and exchange of information will help to further strengthen our partnerships and offer our customers the best possible support. This creates valuable trust, which forms the basis for successful and long-term cooperation.