Interforst GmbH, a subsidiary of the Brüning Group since 2022, is setting new standards in forestry work by purchasing the innovative SmartSkidder from Suffel. This strategic solution not only enables modernisation, but also makes forestry services more flexible.

The SmartSkidder is equipped with a wide range of functions: It is characterised by its high manoeuvrability and easy transportability, which makes it an extremely versatile tool for various forestry tasks. It offers a range of thought-out functions that enable effective work processes, whether for single tree management, the removal of beetle nests or municipal forestry work. With a 70 m winch and a traction of 40 kN (4 tonnes) as well as a hydraulic cable ejector and a ramp shield, it is ideally equipped for felling work. The SmartSkidder proves to be extremely efficient on the skidding lane with its robust transport stanchion and the ability to easily move long timber to the wood stack.

Thanks to its compact design, the SmartSkidder can handle even difficult terrain with ease and enables the transport of a wide variety of materials such as fences, posts and short timber. With its low weight, it is gentle on the ground and can even tackle steep forest sections effortlessly thanks to its high traction. The ability to easily transport the SmartSkidder with a car and trailer makes it particularly flexible and suitable for use in various forestry tasks. The radio remote control also enables precise and safe control from a distance of up to 100 metres.

With this investment, Interforst GmbH is underpinning its commitment to expanding its forestry services and demonstrating its dedication to innovation, efficiency and environmental protection. The SmartSkidder not only offers an answer to the current challenges in the forestry sector, but also paves the way for future developments. Its advanced technology and versatile applications enable more efficient utilisation of resources and help to make forestry work processes more sustainable. Furthermore, the investment in the SmartSkidder represents a commitment to the continuous improvement of working conditions and the promotion of modern, future-orientated forestry. With this innovative work equipment, we are preparing ourselves both for the needs of our customers and for the future.