The new year of vocational training and studies has begun. We are pleased to have three apprentices and three dual students at the Brüning Group this year. We are sure that these new colleagues will be an enrichment for the company and the entire team and we would like to welcome them.

For the new apprentices, it’s all about working right from the start. After a very short time, the young people are assigned their own area of responsibility in their units and are regarded as full team members, which challenges and encourages them at the same time. In addition, there are trial days in the other units to gain a broader insight into the Brüning Group and to get to know the many colleagues. The training is complemented by 6 weeks in the accounting department.

A new option is to complete a dual study program. In recent years, we have noticed that young people often cannot decide between vocational training and studies when choosing a career. Therefore, we have decided to offer this training model in cooperation with the Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, starting this year. The duration of the programme is seven semesters and includes theoretical and practical phases alternating every three months. A semester abroad takes place in the 5th semester – ideal for getting a taste of international air. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). If they wish, they can also take the examination to become a Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

Martina Brüns, Director of Human Resources Management, is satisfied: “This year we were able to fill two apprenticeships positions in wholesale and foreign trade management as well as one apprenticeship position for office management. On the one hand, the Bark and Bioenergy units benefit from new staff, and on the other hand, the accounting department and the reception area. I am particularly pleased that we were also able to recruit two students for the dual course of study “Management in Trade B. A.”. Both are also taking advantage of the opportunity to obtain the commercial degree in wholesale and foreign trade management. In contrast to the apprentices, the two young colleagues are not assigned to a specific unit, their assignment is made according to the study plan. In addition, another dual student of Marketing Management is starting, of course in the marketing department.”

Maren Schumacher, Recruiting, adds: “It’s great that we were able to attract young professionals again. The goal is, of course, to hire the apprentices and students on a permanent basis later on and to accompany them on their further professional and career path in the Brüning Group.”