The Brüning Group continues to expand its international presence. One of the focal points here is the establishment of new subsidiaries in other European countries. In this context, we are pleased to announce the foundation of our new company in Sweden: the Brüning Group Sverige AB.

This measure marks another significant step and emphasises our commitment and growth. Sweden is an ideal target for our expansion due to its dynamic business environment, innovation and commitment to sustainability. The country is known for its pioneering role in environmental protection and renewable energy, and we are proud to be able to contribute to this movement.

By establishing this subsidiary, we can be even closer to our customers and suppliers, better understand their needs and offer customised solutions. Perry Mayr, a native Swedish speaker and responsible for business development in Sweden, will continue to develop the Brüning Group’s activities in the Scandinavian country with his expertise and as a direct contact person. Together with our Swedish partners, we will be able to develop even more targeted innovative solutions that will help build a more sustainable future.

But we are not only focussing on Northern Europe. The French subsidiary Brüning Groupe France SAS was founded two years ago and has steadily grown in importance since then.

Two of our employees, Serine Mazouni and Rafaël Bindernagel, have recently moved to France after years of successful work at our headquarters in Bremen to represent and promote the Brüning Group locally in our Paris office. As native speakers, they are ideally placed to further strengthen our presence in France, open up new opportunities and successfully expand our business activities.

The two have made a significant contribution to the success of our company in recent years. With their expertise and passion for business areas such as biomass and waste wood, they have managed important projects and have already strengthened our customer relationships in France.

We are convinced that our continuous expansion and the dedicated cooperation of our international team will help us to continue to develop innovative, customised solutions and offer our business partners first-class service.