In the middle of the year, we provided information about the upcoming changes to CO2 pricing for fuels. We focussed in particular on the CO2 levy on waste. As reported at the time, a statutory CO2 levy is to be imposed on thermally recycled waste, in addition to the regular incineration fees.

The focus is on the amount of CO2 in the fuel that is released through conversion into electricity and heat. The exact amount of the CO2 levy will then vary depending on several factors such as the calorific value, the waste code number and the proportion of biogenic components in the material. To start with, however, we expect that underlying standard values will be used. For example, we expect the following standardised non-biogenic proportions in waste wood: A1 with 0 %, A2 with 5 %, A3 with 10 % and A4 with 10 %.

We are almost at the turn of the year and the entry into force of the regulations for the fuels mentioned is approaching. From 1 January 2024, many waste-to-energy plants and waste wood-fired power plants will therefore be obliged to pay these CO2 levies. This step is part of the implementation of the German Fuel Emissions Trading Act (Brennstoffemissionshandelsgesetz, short BEHG), which legally implements the national emissions trading system (nationale Emissionshandelssystem, short n-EHS). The national emissions trading system serves as a supplement to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The measures taken are intended to help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions – a key factor in achieving climate protection targets.

The implementation and exact effects are known to a large extent by now, but some remaining questions are still being finalised. The Brüning Group continues to reaffirm its commitment to stay in the loop, even as a party not directly affected by the law and the system, and to closely monitor all political regulations in the biomass and waste sector.

We know from experience that the market is constantly adapting to changes. We remain confident and will of course continue to support our suppliers and customers as partners through our national and international network.