We move countless tons of energy-yielding raw materials across Europe each day, servicing our extensive network of customers and suppliers. Our four companies work to their respective strengths.


delivers wood chips, waste wood or landscaping residue to customers for energy generation in power plants or for further processing.


is a year-round reliable provider of bark mulch, chips, organic ground coverings and high-quality fire wood.


consolidates our international operations under one umbrella and develops new concepts for the international market.


ensures punctual and reliable deliveries throughout Europe, interconnecting transport solutions across our companies. Take advantage of our contacts and benefit from our experience!

For you we are:

An intermediary

We can meet your individual product needs, from made-to-order to delivery.

A source of advice

Our goal is to give you security. Reassurance. Always. Europe-wide. With us.

A strategist

We know what we are doing. Our many years of experience have produced our excellent track-record.

A quality controller

We pay attention to the highest quality and sustainable processing in all our products.

A partner

We’re at your side - in the spirit of long-term cooperation.

A logistics specialist

Our all-round stress-free package guarantees the flow of supplies from our in-house logistics service.

An environmental champion

For us, sustainability is not just a trendy buzzword, but a core value.

A pioneer

We act with foresight. Pursuing the mission to do something that makes us proud every day.