Due to the events of the past months, the coming winter will be very challenging. The energy market is extremely unsettled and no one can foresee what else will happen and how the political, economic and climatic situation and, consequently, the market situation will actually develop. The demand for fuel from renewable raw materials is very high, both in industry and in private households – the energy crisis is clearly noticeable, also for us as the Brüning Group.

In order to be able to guarantee a certain security of supply for our customers during the difficult period of the year, the winter months, we have decided to stockpile forest wood chips, industrial wood (roundwood) and waste wood for the winter season in the port of Stade.

In the field of waste wood, winter has always been considered a time of low demand. Now the decline in volumes is adding to the pressure. Every piece of wood is used several times and not thrown away, which leads to less input of waste wood at the recycling companies. Due to the economic situation, the volume of waste wood is currently declining further.

The storage facility is intended to reduce one or two supply problems. Every potential tonne of waste wood that currently finds no buyer on the market, for example for revision reasons, is stored by us in Stade. In addition, we store around 5,000 tonnes of forest woodchips and industrial wood.

From the storage facility, we can deliver to the German market by truck as well as by inland waterway vessel. A big advantage! That is why we are also planning, for example, to import waste wood from the French market to Stade in order to be able to offer further quantities to the German market. By storing wood chips and roundwood, we can permanently guarantee quality and always meet the demands of our customers. By storing fresh wood, we can also react at short notice and deliver at any time, regardless of the weather conditions.