As every year in spring, activities more and more shift to the outdoors. This means that playgrounds are being conquered again and children are romping around, swinging and climbing. It is good to ensure sufficient safety – with appropriate fall protection. Wood chips and bark mulch offer a natural and effective solution.

Different materials are recommended for fall protection on playgrounds, depending on the size and fall height of the playground equipment. The DIN EN 1177 standard contains safety regulations for shock absorption on playground equipment and surfaces, thus regulating the quality of the surfaces. Stone and concrete floors are permitted for fall heights up to 60 cm, while grass is sufficient for fall heights up to 150 cm according to DIN regulations. The advantage of bark mulch and wood chips – they are approved for fall heights of up to 300 cm and are therefore particularly suitable as fall protection for high playground equipment and swings. They have inherently flexible and resilient properties, which means that in the event of a fall, they can absorb the force of the impact and thus reduce the risk of injury. Compared to rough or hard surfaces, such as stone, sand or gravel, abrasions, they can also be more effective in preventing abrasions, sprains or even fractures.

Bark mulch and wood chips, both pure natural products, are not only safe, but also environmentally friendly and visually appealing. In addition, these have a high conductivity for moisture, which means that they prevent the formation of puddles and mud even after heavy downpours and the area can be used again immediately. In the event of heavy wetness, the risk of slipping is also reduced to a minimum due to the grip of the surface, unlike with fall protection slabs or playground mats, for example.

With the Brüning Group, we distribute both fall protection chips and our own product, Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection bark 20-80 mm. This is produced at our site in Mölln. Both fall protection products are, of course, certified by TÜV* according to DIN EN 1176/1177, a prerequisite for fulfilling the corresponding safety standards for playground equipment on publicly operated playgrounds, in kindergartens, in schools etc.

Convince yourself of the quality of our products and ensure safety on the playground. We will be pleased to advise you when it comes to bark mulch or woodchips as fall protection surfacing.


* Technical Inspection Association in Germany