The good weather with lots of sunshine is enticing everyone to spend more time outdoors, especially to the playgrounds in cities, towns and communities or in daycare centres, nurseries and schools, where children can romp around, swing and climb. Appropriate fall protection surfacing, which is available in various materials, ensures sufficient safety – wood chips and bark mulch offer a natural and effective solution, especially for high play equipment and swings. Compared to solid surfaces such as stone or concrete, they cushion the impact of falls better and reduce the risk of injury.

The European standard DIN EN 1177 defines the exact material and fall height requirements for playground equipment and surfaces, depending on the height of the equipment. Stone and concrete floors are permitted up to a fall height of 60 cm, while grass is sufficient up to a height of 150 cm. And if heights are even higher? Then fall protection material made of bark or wood chips is the best choice. Both are approved for fall heights of up to 300 cm and offer comprehensive protection. Thanks to their natural flexibility and resilience, they can absorb the impact energy in the event of a fall and thus reduce the risk of injury.

In order to fulfil these requirements, we offer high-quality fall protection material: Fall protection wood chips in grain sizes of 05 – 30 mm and 05 – 50 mm as well as our own brands Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection wood chips (05 – 50 mm) and Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection bark (20 – 80 mm). All products are certified by TÜV* in accordance with DIN EN 1177 and ensure optimum impact absorption and natural aesthetics on any playground. As purely natural products, they are also environmentally friendly and fulfil the highest standards in accordance with DIN EN 1176 for the use on playgrounds.

For us at the Brüning Group, it is important to offer products that fulfil all safety and quality requirements while creating a natural and appealing play environment. If you have any questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

* short for German: Technischer Überwachungsverein, English: Technical Inspection Association