We participate in the Girls’ and Boys’ Day

The 28th of April is Girls’ and Boys’ Day, a nationwide campaign day for stereotype-free career orientation for boys and girls. And of course we are happy to participate in this campaign again. We want to offer the future generation the opportunity to gain an insight into our company.

A handful of children and young people will spend a day getting a first-hand look at the various departments at our headquarters in Fischerhude. We start in the morning with a tour of the office building. Then different tasks and activities await the young guests, most of which have been prepared by our apprentices from the various units.

First of all, we leave the office right away, because logistics has come up with something special. Together we drive to a loading/unloading point. One of our truck drivers is waiting there and the kids can experience live how unloading works. In addition, we provide them with information, e.g. on visibility and driving times, loading volume, etc. and all the technology behind it. Of course, they can also ask questions, which we or the driver will be happy to answer.

Back in Fischerhude, the children get an overview of our units, the respective products and the connections between the units within the Brüning Group. After so much input, we change locations again. During a detour to Brünings Scheune, the health food store in Fischerhude, the famous Fischerhuder Zaubersalz (a salt with flowers and herbs) is created together with an employee of the store. This is followed by lunch, prepared by our in-house chef.

With fresh energy, we continue with the programme. Now it gets complex. In the notification department, our guests learn what notifications are all about. Of course, there are also many useful things to learn about the individual products. The two units on waste paper and plastics, for example, jump straight into practice – recycling at home and the question “What belongs in which bin, what in the yellow bag?”. In addition, a few simple types of paper are introduced and different samples are assigned. To bring our products a little closer in a playful and haptic way, the marketing department has come up with some ideas, e.g. handicrafts with pellets and a barefoot path made of different bulk materials.

Finally, there is a short feedback session with Martina Brüns, Head of Human Resources. In this context, she gives an insight into the world of apprentices and explains the apprenticeship professions and fields of activity. “We are already looking forward to the day with the girls and boys. It’s a great opportunity to present our company and show young people what we do. And of course we hope a little that we will see some of them again one day as apprentices at the Brüning Group,” Martina Brüns reveals with a twinkle in her eye, “It has even worked out once. A participant from Girls’ and Boys’ Day in 2018 signed an apprenticeship contract with us for 2023 after several internships.”