We are particularly pleased about certain extensions! We are glad to report that the Brüning Group has extended its fuel supply contract with the company EBE Holzheizkraftwerk GmbH from Emlichheim for an indefinite period. This is a continuation of almost ten years of very successful cooperation.

Since 01.01.2013, we have been supplying the waste wood power plant with around 175,000 t of waste wood in categories A1-A3, and with restrictions also A4. In Emlichheim, we have the option of delivering the waste wood in shredded or unbroken size, as waste wood can also still be shredded and processed on site.

Both partners are very satisfied with the new contract model, as it takes account of the volatile and unusual market times and ultimately benefits both sides. In Emlichheim, steam, heat and electricity are produced all year round – the power plant has to run continuously. Even in this currently difficult market, we were able to constantly secure the supply with the Brüning Group in close and very good coordination with EBE and are on schedule with the delivery quantities. In our view, reliability in particular is one of the most important pillars of a business relationship based on partnership.

Another factor that contributes to this long-standing excellent cooperation is the good contact between management, power plant management and scheduling. Because this is always at eye level and lives from the enormous trust in each other. This is how we have always managed to face and master all challenges together.

Jörg Dobbrunz, Managing Director of EBE: “Together we have already achieved a lot, we appreciate the excellent cooperation and look forward to the future together.” Matthias Warnke, Head of the Waste Wood Unit, is pleased: “We are very proud that in the years to come we still have a strong partner to navigate through uncertain times!”