Together We Are Strong!

The North and the South – often an unequal pair with many differences. A challenge, but we appreciate the diversity and make the best of it. Already since 2014, the Brüning Group has had a location in Hallbergmoos near Munich, in addition to the locations in northern Germany, in order to also be present in the south of the country.

The advantage: the different locations in Germany enable us, on the one hand, to keep a better eye on the overall German market and to recognise market changes in our industry in time, and on the other hand, to react more quickly and efficiently to ups and downs with the appropriate countermeasures. Looking to the future, we assume that upward and downward fluctuations will tend to increase. Thanks to our now international network, we can offer our business partners, customers and suppliers individual solutions for these times, i.e. both in the case of oversupply and undersupply.

Therefore, a constant and well-managed exchange between our offices is extremely important and is carefully maintained. Expertise, specific market knowledge and experience are passed on and there is a constant flow of information. With office rotation, we also expand the expertise of our staff. So it is not just an exchange of information, but everyone gets to know the exact conditions on site. This also strengthens our unique feeling of togetherness. This is a clear added value for everyone – employees, business partners, customers and suppliers.