Due to the increasing international business in the waste sector, the Brüning Group has decided to split the unit “Waste-to-Energy” (WtE) under the management of Andreas Hefler into the two divisions “WtE international” and “WtE national”.

Since the processes in the national area overlap with the weekly communication of loading points in the waste wood area, the national waste business has now been integrated into the waste wood unit under the management of Matthias Warnke. Here, the first successes have already been achieved with consistent processing of the loading points.

The international WtE unit, under the overall responsibility of Andreas Hefler, is managed by Marc Gaber in the Bremen office and by Carl Busch in Copenhagen. The restructuring, the dedication and the commitment of all responsible persons and employees are having an effect: despite the current revision period in Scandinavia, the “WtE international” unit currently delivers more than 40 shipments per week across European borders. Currently, 12 new notifications have been submitted for the next combustion season 2022/23.

“In addition, we see high growth potential for the unit in 2023 through alternative logistics solutions on road, rail and water with different types of ships,” Andreas Hefler affirms.