In a feature on the ARD programme Plusminus (25/08/2022), energy production from wood pellets and CO2 neutrality in the combustion of wood, currently the most important renewable energy source, were discussed and questioned. The German Organisation of the Timber and Sawmill Industry (Deutsche Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e.V., short DeSH) and the German Wood Fuel and Pellet Association (Deutsche Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband e.V., short DEPV) have each commented in detail in their own statements. They criticise the reporting as very one-sided, tendentious, incomplete and erroneous. Both associations have corrected the misleading claims made in the programme and supported them with facts. The Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V., short FNR), a project management agency of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, has also published a statement on its website.

As a trader and marketer of pellets, it is important to us as Brüning Group that our business partners are neither misinformed nor discredited by improper criticism. Therefore, we support the statements of the DeSH, the DEPV and the FNR (linked below, German only).