Leonie Müller


How did you end up at the Brüning Group?

It was a great coincidence. I came across the Brüning Group via a platform in the form of speed dating for apprentices. On the website, you could filter according to your own interests and ideas and received suggestions accordingly. Among those I received was the Brüning Group, and I signed up for a short interview.

What or who really surprised you at the Brüning Group?

That you are given a free hand in the tasks assigned to you and can develop your own way of solving the tasks set. Everyone is given a certain scope of action and you can develop the best personal way to tackle things successfully. The trust and friendly atmosphere was also there right from the start. You are definitely challenged, but also encouraged a lot.

Name a hashtag that currently describes your day-to-day work.


If you could wake up tomorrow with a new professional skill, what would it be?

To be able to predict prices for every conceivable market situation.

Name your work or life motto to make the day your day.

Carpe diem!

There is only one way to avoid mistakes, and that is to run out of ideas.