The ISO 9001 certificate is a voluntary management certification according to the standard of the same name, which defines minimum requirements for a quality management system. This management system helps companies to align their products and services with customer needs in the best possible way. By defining clear business processes, companies can offer their customers a consistently reliable service. The standard supports companies in achieving goals and bringing them lasting and sustainable success.

As a supplier of energy-supplying bulk materials, we also rely on an active quality management system for our customers that extends across all corporate functions and is consistently geared towards safely controlling and constantly improving processes. This includes mechanisms for identifying opportunities and risks, for self-assessment, for prevention, correction and optimisation of our performance. We consider internal and external influencing factors and accordingly take them into account in our actions. We define and regularly review the required characteristics of our products and services as well as the underlying processes in order to meet quality-related customer requirements.

We were audited within the scope of an on-site audit. For this purpose, interviews were conducted with employees and the implementation of the requirements of the standard in practice was assessed through a random inspection of the processes based on evidence, such as measurement results, meeting minutes, training and qualification certificates, handling of complaints and evidence of defined goals and resulting improvement projects.

The certification according to ISO 9001 is thus a further step on our way and shows that the Brüning Group will continue to attach importance to quality in the future as well as to a continuous improvement process (CIP) in order to meet the demands of our customers. As a globally recognised standard, there are also other advantages, e.g. in project tenders, as the existing certificate enables us to significantly reduce the internal effort required to prove quality requirements.

Ultimately, the employees in the company are responsible for the quality of their work, which makes them an important component of quality management. However, the integrated quality management system makes it possible to carry out processes and procedures more quickly and easily, which automatically creates an improvement in our products and services. With this certification, we strengthen our will to continue to focus on quality management and the professionalism of our employees.