The development in the field of waste wood in recent years shows that the markets are becoming more and more dynamic. This means that supply and demand are constantly changing within a country. Since we want to guarantee our customers even more supply security, we have to open up and expand new markets.

France plays a central role here due to its size and location. From our point of view, it is not yet possible to make a precise assessment of whether France is an importing or exporting country. At present, however, the volume is rather low, as in all countries. Due to its west coast, however, France also offers options for deliveries by ship to the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

As an increasingly international company and in order to be able to offer our business partners the best possible service, it is essential for us to have native speakers of the respective country “on board”.

With Serine Mazouni, we have brought exactly the right reinforcement into our waste wood team to provide the best possible service to our French neighbours.

Dear Serine,

a few words about you and your background. Where are you from, what have you done so far?

Before I came to Bremen, I lived in Paris. There I studied and worked in part-time jobs. After studying literature, history and civilisation at the Sorbonne, I decided to do a Master’s degree in English with a focus on issues related to environmental policy.

Most recently, I did an internship in an industrial food company (for snacks, beverages, etc.). My role was to source products, negotiate contracts with suppliers and customers and manage the manufacturing and delivery processes with the help of a team.

How and why did you join the Brüning Group?

I met my future colleagues during a stay in Bremen and was offered a job. The topic of waste wood fits in well with my studies, so I thought it would be a good idea to write my second year thesis on it.

What is your job now and what do you find particularly exciting?

My task is to find French suppliers and to supply our existing partners, but also to find new customers in France. What I like most about this job is that I have to build everything from scratch.

What are the challenges and what goals have you set for yourself?

My challenge is mainly to open up an (almost) new area. One of my goals is to make sure that Brüning Group opens an office in Paris.

Thank you very much and lots of success – et bonne chance – for your tasks!

Together with Serine and by focusing on France, we are confident that we will be able to react even more flexibly to market changes and future requirements, and at the same time drive forward the internationalisation of the Brüning Group. We plan to move the first 50,000 tonnes of waste wood this year. The first notifications have already been initiated. Good prerequisites for a promising future.