The intensified expansion of the Brüning Group’s international waste business continues to gain momentum. Since the end of last year, Andreas Hefler has been supporting this process as the new driving force behind the “Waste-to-Energy” unit. He mainly works at the company’s location in Hallbergmoos and manages the unit from there, in close cooperation with the locations in Bremen and Copenhagen.

New projects and developments are already taking shape. The WtE unit at the location in Hallbergmoos has started to deliver sorting residues of commercial waste from Bavaria to Denmark together with the location in Copenhagen. Andreas Helfer explains: “We have noticed that there are always bottlenecks in the southern German market when it comes to accepting waste. To provide relief here, the ‘Danish solution’ is very promising.” Through the effective and modern plants in Denmark, district heating, electricity and/or steam are produced, depending on the target. Approximately 27% of the district heating produced in Denmark is secured through the incineration of non-recyclable waste.[1] About 64 % of all households and thus about 3.6 million inhabitants are connected to the district heating network – and the trend is rising.[2]

One challenge with this solution is the logistics, which are difficult to implement due to the long distance. However, since we have our own freight forwarding company, Brüning Logistics, this is reliably possible. This means that just-in-time acceptance is also feasible.

With the non-recyclable waste from southern Germany, we supply many of our long-standing partners who, due to changes in the market, have to adjust their sourcing on the one hand and expand it on the other in order to have security of supply in the future. The European waste market is becoming increasingly dynamic and the directions in which the different fractions are moving are changing more frequently today than they did a few years ago. “As Brüning Group, we are trying to help the power plants with this transition and to break new ground together,” emphasizes Carl Philipp Busch, Market Development & Account Manager at the location in Copenhagen. So things remains exciting in the market, but we are looking forward to the challenges.

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