Our Visit to the Pollutec

Trade Fair for Environmental and Energy Solutions from 12/10-15/10/2021

Recently, the trade fair for environmental and energy solutions took place in Lyon. The so-called Pollutec is a hybrid event with concrete solutions for new eco-models. In the course of its more than forty-year history, it has become the reference event for the eco and energy transition. Philipp Pinnow, Sales Manager for Nawaro, and Rafaël Bindernagel, Business Development Manager for France, were there to learn about the French biomass market in the energy sector, meet with business partners, make new contacts and thus expand our network.

In France, large quantities of biomass are marketed every year, mainly waste wood and green wood. It can be assumed that many new projects will be created in the coming years. Demand, which has already been high over the last five years, is growing steadily. The reasons for this are the energy transition and the increased gas prices. However, in supplying biomass cogeneration plants, great importance is also attached to the regional origin of the biomass. It should be supplied to the power plants from a maximum radius of 150 km.

Rafaël Bindernagel reports: “France is full of opportunities, we see great potential in all our products. We are not aware of a supra-regional player like us and the demand for new material flows is there. It is an exciting task!” Philipp Pinnow adds: “The security of supply of biomass CHP plants in Europe can only succeed in the long term if there is a constant exchange of quantities between the neighbouring countries. As Brüning Group, we must be able to compensate for both supply bottlenecks and excess quantities in the market at short notice. The French biomass market with a volume of several million tonnes plays an important role in this.

We are curious to see how the French biomass market will develop and what further opportunities the Brüning Group will have in this market. Our short-term goal is to gradually increase the exchange of volumes between the two countries in order to meet the future requirements of our customers and suppliers. In any case, we are looking forward to working in and with our neighbouring country. In summary, we can say that Pollutec was very interesting and informative for us, and we will certainly take part again in two years’ time.