(A)round wood

The biggest supplier is nature. Among other things, it provides us with the versatile and sustainable raw material wood. But the raw wood does not get to the various utilisation sites on its own. The Brüning Group sees itself as a “logistician” who transports the goods by ship, train and truck to the respective customers, whether it’s sawmill roundwood, industrial wood or energy wood, thermal or material utilisation. As a full-range supplier, we therefore also cover all tree species and qualities.

The expansion of our roundwood unit is progressing rapidly. With Hans Friemel, responsible for business development, and Erich Seyfried, coordinator for roundwood and rail logistics for all units, we have gained two valuable professionals who, with their expertise and years of experience, bring the best prerequisites for the further development of the unit.

The focus for us is on international roundwood trade in order to compensate for future supply shortages. Experience shows that it is not enough to concentrate only on the national market. With our comprehensive network, we want to give our partners the opportunity to alleviate these supply bottlenecks. The goal is therefore to be strongly active on the international market with the Brüning Group’s roundwood unit.

For our customers, who mainly come from the paper, pulp, panel, sawmill, pellet and energy industries, we want to be a strategic partner that brings a high degree of transparency to the cooperation. Together with our business partners, we develop different supply concepts that are sustainable in the medium and long term and guarantee a secure roundwood supply.