Skilled personnel is one of the fundamental pillars of a company. We at the Brüning Group are of the same opinion and therefore support our employees to always remain competent and up to date. This is not only indispensable in the operative business, but also, for example, in the accounting department. Due to annual changes and innovations in VAT law as well as in the course of our progressive internationalization, there is always something new to learn.

However, not only the existing team, but also new colleagues are dependent on effective and meaningful knowledge transfer. Last year, we were able to recruit many new employees for the accounting department. Now it was time to introduce them to the special aspects of VAT law in a training course. We have several employees coming from other backgrounds who did not have any experience in this area. Since we have already had good experience with the training form of the VAT expert Haufe in the past, we decided on a 4-day seminar over 3 modules – basic knowledge of VAT, VAT law for export and import of deliveries as well as VAT law for export and import of services. A neat package!

The training took place online and was led by Mr. Brandeis, a self-employed tax consultant. At the end of the training, the employees were required to take an exam within 4 weeks in which they could prove what they had just learned. In this way, we also ensure that the contents are well remembered and can be easily implemented in everyday accounting.