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As traders, we are always on the lookout for the propert raw materials and products for our customers (m/f/d). Here we encounter the most diverse requirements and the most varied needs. These can be specific compositions of a product, special mixtures or special grain sizes. 

Many customers (m/f/d) now also expect a product to be sufficiently regional. Fulfilling these wishes and expectations is not always an easy undertaking. Therefore, we have decided to become “productive” ourselves in some areas.

Our largest production site is located in Mölln. Gebrüder Meyer, a subsidiary of the Brüning Group, produces pine bark and converts high-quality bark into bark mulch. Here our Brüning WONDERFALL fall protection bark 20-80 mm is produced. However, it is not only produced in Mölln, but also in ports, for example, where we process industrial wood into wood chips if required.

We have access to mobile sorting plants, chippers or mixers throughout Germany and can thus reduce production routes and the logistical effort. Together with our customers, we work on various products such as tailored waste for incineration, a mixture of different types of waste the type and mixing ratio of which are individually adapted.


Wood chips

Wood chips

Fall protection

Fall protection

Our Brüning WONDERFALL Fall Protection Bark 20-80 mm


Bark production

Best bark from North Germany


Tailored Waste

On-demand waste as fuel



Large tree trunks become small wooden sticks

Fall protection

Safety from nature

Wood chips certified by the Technical Inspection Agency or bark for a safe design of playgrounds in cities and municipalities, daycare centres, kindergartens and schools.

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