Brüning | International

Europe-wide – established goals, new approaches

Our company’s evolution is a dynamic process: we are always pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.  Our vision is to develop the Brüning Group beyond Germany’s borders. And the formation of Brüning International has enabled us to implement that plan.  

In doing so, we have successfully applied our client support concept, without losing sight of local factors and regional characteristics. This allows us to operate optimally in the respective markets, while maintaining the identity of the Brüning Group at every touchpoint.

The Brüning Megawatt and Brüning Euromulch offering corresponds to the demand for products and services on the international market. We trade in renewable materials - supplying power plants with essential material in the form of high quality bark and wood products. We have an in-house logistics department, which operates from our headquarters throughout Europe, supporting the Brüning Group’s international operations with an extensive network of carriers and many years of experience in international transport.